Act 1 – Scene 6: The Baroness

The One That Got Away – The Civil Wars

Many years ago I was involved in a very controlling and manipulative relationship with a man name Gary Wycoff. On July 7th after I broke up with him over the phone, he broke into my home in the middle of the night with his brother and tried to kill me.

He threw me around the room like a ragdoll, pulled my own gun on me, threw me down, put the gun in my mouth and mad me beg for my life. He then beat me severely, and threw me violently down the stairs backwards. The police said they think I was airborne it was so forceful. I then stopped breathing, I floated above my body and I remember watching him kick me and scream at me. I came around once or twice but when I finally was revived the police were standing over me. My sweet gay roommate had called the police. He was gone, I had died and my world would never be the same.
That night he brought and destruction to my doorstep, and I would eventually do the same to him.

Virginia Department of Justice Services – Victim Services
Safe Harbor
YWCA of Richmond
Fan Free Clinic