Act 1 – Scene 2: Hunnie Potts

Wild Horses – Natasha Bedingfield

It doesn’t matter what we do until we accept ourselves.
Once we accept ourselves, it doesn’t matter what we do.
– Charly Heavenrich

Only you have the power to make the choice to create change in your life. Only you can listen to your heart and choose how to act or react in an authentic way. For many years, time passed but I wasn’t really living, I was going through the motions waiting for everything to be “just right” so that I could live my life. I NEEDED to be loved, married, thinner, so many things that don’t mean anything to me now but seemed to be everything then.

It wore me out and made me anxious, my anxiety disorder and my ADD wound themselves together into a knot that kept me from doing anything, and kept me awake at night worrying about all the things I wanted and all the reasons I wasn’t good enough to have them. One day I realized that this concern about these “should’s” that never came from my brain was just foolish, I realized that I was tired of living a life by the rules of people who suck. To stop listening to the “should” and “must” ideas in my mind, to stop creating them in the first place. And with that decision, I became free.

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