Act 2 – Scene 3: Ellie Quinn

Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

Because of this friendship, I almost walked away from burlesque, the first thing that had given me purpose in ages. I found an inner strength inside me that I never knew existed. I threw everything I had into my art. I also built walls up around my heart, and closed myself off from others. I had friendships but I did not let anyone in.

With time, I learned who I was, what I stand for, and that I do deserve love. Most importantly, I became close with some incredible people who taught me that friendship is beautiful, not parasitic.

I still have a lot of anger over the whole thing because I wasted years, my health, and almost my life. I kept quiet about the matter, because I felt like no one would believe me, since publicly she is so nice. Thankfully, I have been working through my anger with another of her victims.

I am happy to say that today I do not let anyone affect my self-worth. I took a terrible, soul-wrenching situation and used it to fuel me to be the best me.

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