Act 1 – Scene 4: Ellie Quinn

Low – Kelly Clarkson

A few years ago, I did not know who I was. I had trouble defining myself, as I was no longer a wife, barely a daughter, not part of any group. I was a plastic bag drifting in the wind wanting to start again. I met a young lady who instantly took to me, so we became best friends in the blink of an eye. Little did I know, I was just an easy mark. I was her sidekick, kept around so that she could feel better about herself by tearing me down.

I hung on her every word, and threw everything into the friendship, eager to receive her approval, but never being good enough. She manipulated everything I confided in her to leave me in a constant state of inferiority. This friendship left me alone, turning to bulimia again, and just feeling worthless overall. When I started contemplating ending it all, I knew I had to do something.

Everyone talks about the scars from romantic relationships, but honestly this friendship destroyed me like nothing else. I entered this friendship with complete trust, love, and honesty, only to be betrayed, mocked, battered, and bruised.

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