We’re The BBP

The BIG Burly Project is not just a burlesque troupe, it’s a group dedicated to sharing the art of burlesque as a vehicle to self-discovery, greater self-esteem, and personal empowerment to those who find themselves at a crossroad in life.

We’ve produced a variety of shows in the Richmond, Virginia area, including queerlesque, draglesque, fund-raisers, variety shows for our Veterans, and our theater production Bravely Bare.

We’re currently seeking out opportunities and performers interested in helping us continue our work in the Southern Houston/Galveston area.

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Bravely Bare

It's not just burlesque; it's about sharing our personal journey's through performance art, inspiring others to explore, accept, and love their authentic selves. The BIG Burly Project is committed to sharing the art of burlesque as a vehicle to self-discovery, greater self-esteem, and personal empowerment to women who find themselves at a crossroad in life. Our theater shows are intended to be thought-provoking, and inspiring to all - learn about Bravely Bare.

Women's Empowerment

Everyone goes through transitional phases in life, cis and trans women alike, and it's easy to lose yourself during the process of finding the real you. Low self-esteem or a negative self-image can impact how we parent, our openness towards friends, how we love, and how we allow ourselves to be loved, it alters our perception of worthiness in all of our relationships. We've developed a workshop series, a Facebook group, and blog to support women in transition.

The Arts Programs

Big bodied burlesque? We've got it. Shows for Vets, we do that. Faux Queens and Drag Kings, all female entertainment for the LGBT Community? Check! And, we're on the way to debuting a Bi-weekly WELLness series blending crafting, spirited, empowering, and positive messages together to develop well-being and a sense of accomplishment. And, we'll be teaching the art of burlesque for empowerment at low or no cost to women in the SW Houston area at the end of 2017.

What's Ahead

We're making a pledge to move forward towards becoming a non-profit organization which will allow us to seek out financial support and grants to build on our successes and to continue to create workshops to support women in transition - we identify those as women recovering from the trauma of domestic violence, cancer survivors, veterans returning from active duty, those who have tested HIV+, MtF trans women, and those others who feel the need for help to complete a positive transformation in their life.

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Suanne Brady Producer Director

Suanne Brady

Executive Producer & the performer known as Hunnie Potts
Meet the creator of the BIG Burly Project. Suanne has a varied resume that includes dance, improv, historical professional skating coach, and costume designer. She's passionate about women's empowerment, building self-esteem in woman, and doing whatever she can to better develop the local Lesbian community.

Marsha Maven

Donation / Raffle Coordinator, Stage Manager, & Makeup Artist
Marsha is our resident unicorn - she's a creative spirit, natural sales woman, professional makeup artist, costume assistant, experienced pinup & fetish model, and a great bartender. Marsha uses her bubbly personality to coordinate and manage our raffles and donations. During performances she's got the final word in the "front of the house" where she manages both the stage and the kittens.

Currently Seeking

Public Relations & Community Outreach
We're currently seeking a "partner on the ground" to assist with PR, Community Outreach, and volunteer partnerships. This can be a performer or non-performer, just be outgoing, organized, and have a passion for volunteerism.

Metamorphose Burlesque Classes

Learn burlesque in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

This course has been designed for women of all shapes, sizes, and ages over 18. Wait, that doesn’t really say what we mean – if you’re part of the LGBGTQ community, recovering from cancer or living with HIV, returning home from active military duty, feel like you’re not sure who you are anymore, are turning 40, 50, or 60, or are simply at a crossroad in your life, we’d really love to meet you because this class was made for you.


...because if you don't how you gonna love somebody else? - RuPaul

Here's What Our Audiences Have To Say...

Very powerful! I was taken aback at first with the honesty. But the journey was very illuminating and informative. It changed my views about many things. The show was a triumph. It’s impromptu moments were candid and left a positive impression.

Bravely Bare – Audience Member May 24, 2016

A powerful honest reflection of the very personal life experiences of the performers. Their stories were thought provoking and engaging. The stories breathe new life into very real issues still facing women today, across generational and social boundaries.

Bravely Bare – Audience Member January & February 2016

Very raw and emotional. Theses women showed their true selves and that they are more powerful because of their challenges. Completely changed the game as far as burlesque or theatre.

Bravely Bare – Audience Member February 11, 2016

They were very moving and personal which fit well with the intimate setting of The Firehouse Theatre. The stories being broken into two performances with the undressing, tearing down of the person, exposing themselves and the overcoming, putting their lives together as they dressed up was interesting and added a lot to the show.

Bravely Bare – Audience Member May 24, 2016